Kolokithokeftedes. Kolo-kitho-kefte-des.

It takes a while to remember that word and guess at how to pronounce it. However, it now makes my mouth water. It is a Greek recipe for fried courgette / zucchini balls/ patties/ vega burgers. Anyway, they are so worth a try. The hint of mint is what really makes this extremely appetizing. Eat them with fresh Greek-style yoghurt as a snack, starter, or main. Or latenight snack.

One medium sized zucchini / courgette (400-500g) for about 15 small patties

Fine tablesalt

One onion, diced

half a package 100-150g of Greek feta-cheese, or similar

2 tablesp freshly chopped mint

3 tablesp oatmeal

2 tablesp flour

1 large egg


olive oil for baking/ frying

Optional: a few fresh 5 minute boiled grape leaves

note: I’ve also added some leftover capers. It did not really add to the recipe, so left them out here.

Shred or finely slice the courgette, sprinkle with salt and ‘knead’ in the salt. Leave for about 30 minutes to let the salt extract liquid from the courgette. Squeeze liquid from the courgette. Mix with finely sliced onion, pepper, feta cheese, chopped mintleaves, egg, oatmeal, and flour. Today I’ve added chopped grape leaves, which have been boiled in salt water for five minutes. This adds an extra Greek flavour to it. When the mixture is runny, you can make pancakes out of it rather than firm patties or balls. Add more oatmeal or flour to it firm up. When cooled in the refrigerator for an hour, the mixture becomes much firmer, which is easier to handle.

Scoop out tablespoon sized mixture, and fry on high-medium heat in frying pan with olive oil untill mively browned.

Eat with Greek yoghurt. Personal Fun fact: I’ve been making Greek yoghurt using my Instant Pot for about a week or two, works every time!