An easy way to use tofu as ground “meat” is to squeeze out most of the water (by hand, just break of chunks and squeeze), spice it up, add oil and fry it. In a link here <; , they suggest to first freeze and then defrost tofu, so that the defrosting process already squeezes a lot of the water out of the mixture.

In this recipe I’ve used salt, pepper, smoked paprika powder, oregano, cumin powder, and crisp fried onions (storebought). I’ve used a pestle and morter to make a mushy spicemix, adding oil to it. Any spice combination is possible really, Indian flavours (any spice mix), Asian flavours (soysauce, ginger, garlic), American flavours, whatever works for you.

Though the kids weren’t totally convinced (we prefer ‘actual’ meat please), they did eat it rather than treat it as a vegetable 😉