After having made several batches of Kimchi, I was now ready to start making sauerkraut from scratch. Since I used the very clear instructions by Serious Eats (Sauerkraut recipe) , I’ll keep it short here. I got myself a pretty 2 liter sauerkraut crock from Mortier Pilon (#PantryCulture), which is large enough for a 2kg green cabbage.

2 kg green cabbage or ‘witte kool’ in Dutch

2% salt (40g in this case, with a 2kg cabbage)

Finely shred cabbage, for which I used my Japanese benriner. Add salt, and knead cabbage with salt. When you repeat this process a few times over the course of a few hours, a brine starts to form. This brine is needed to cover the cabbage when adding it to the jar. Herbs can be added, I’ve added some juniper berries and half a teaspoon of caraway seeds. Add to the jar with the brine, cover so that excess air can escape, and leave for at least a week at room temperature.