It is amazing. Just try it, a jar of chickpeas costs next to nothing. Usually you drain the peas and discard the liquid, right?

Not any longer! The juice is called ‘Aquafaba’ and it works exactly like eggwhite. So on my first try I made it into mayonnaise, using some additional chickpeas and the recipe by the Foodlab.

Now I’ve turned it into a fruity Pavlova. 

For the Pavlova:

150 ml aquafaba, or juice from a jar of chickpeas

300 g fine-grained sugar

Pinch of Food colouring

Pinch of salt

Teaspoon of vinegar or lemonjuice
For the filling:

250 ml whipped cream

250 ml mascarpone 

80 g castersugar

1 tbsp lemonzest, about 1/4 of a lemon 
Fresh fruit




Small handful of mint leaves

Icing sugar

Preheat the oven to 120 C. Mix aquafaba with a pinch of salt until creamy white. Then add sugar (and colouring agent) and mix until peaks emerge. Not sure if the vinegar really adds to this process, but you can add this at the end. Put the Pavlova on a baking tray and form two or four circles. Turn the oven to 100 degrees and bake the Pavlova for 1.5-2 hours. 

Whip the cream with the sugar until creamy, mix in the lemon zest and mascarpone.

Prepare the fruit with some icing sugar and mint leaves.

Build the Pavlova as a two-layered cake. Eat! 

Now I wonder if the juice from white beans works the same way….